In the Trenches with Lizi & Aimee: February 2023

The Market Is Moving Again!

Weekly data is critical when a market is shifting. Last month's data is OLD NEWS! The "buyer pause" of Q4 appears to be over. We want you to be well informed, so we have created a Weekly Flash Report for every city and zip code we know and love. You can find our Weekly Flash Report on our website or you can subscribe to receive the report automatically.

We are in the trenches!  We are talking to our business partners, seeing activity on our listings, etc and all signs are pointing to an increase in buyer demand. The first 2 weeks of February pending sales were more than the entire month of January.  Yes, part of the increase is due to the seasonality between January and February, but there is more happening...

- Our lender partners are reporting a 75% increase in loan applications, or new buyers getting approved for a home loan

- Open house traffic is up significantly

- Homes that are price well (and not a high/ try it out price) are seeing multiple offers

We will keep you updated!